Services for Small & Medium Sized Practices

Device Replacement/ Deployment

When it comes time to replace components of your infrastructure, we are there to advise you on the best options to pursue. We do not currently re-sell any products. We will never re-sell any products. Our allegiance is to you and your unique requirements. The best solution for you might be dramatically different from that of our other clients. We will never become entrenched in any one vendor’s technology. The most important lesson that we have learned over the past 15 years is that the “magic” of providing sound technical advice is listening to and understanding what our clients need. Trying to fit a solution to a set of requirements just doesn’t work. We will gladly provide counsel and advice, and once the choices have been made, we will be there to assist you with the installation and implementation of the solution. Many times the best time to perform these tasks is overnight or on weekends. Don’t worry… we are used to that!

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