Our Senior Leadership

Rick Weiss

Technical Projects Manager

Mr. Weiss has over 5 years of professional experience. Prior to joining Carisbrook Technology Services, he worked in quality assurance in the high-tech industry. During his time there, he developed a problem/solution oriented approach that he has adapted to now supporting end users with their technical needs. Additionally, he served as technical director for several university theatrical productions. He worked with several stakeholders from designers to directors to actors while navigating a strict schedule and budget to convert stage scenery from concept to full-scale intractable construction. These experiences have shaped his approach to technical support project management: (1) Balancing the needs of stakeholders from sponsor to vendor to end user, (2) proactively addressing risks and assumptions, and (3) nurturing personal growth and development in project staff. Outside of work, Mr. Weiss is an avid sports fan and closely follows statistic analytics in the major sports leagues. As an Oregon native, he enjoys traveling to all areas of the state from Bend to Ashland to Manzanita for extended stays when able.

Mr. Weiss holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Portland State University’s School of Business.

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