Our Senior Leadership

Rob Fernandez


Mr. Fernandez began his over-30 year career with the IBM Corporation. During the span of his professional career, he has been responsible for planning, developing, and executing complex management and marketing programs for technology companies. His tenure in policy level management includes personnel, compensation, equal opportunity, budgeting, planning, and administration. His many years of senior line management experience have been in highly competitive technology and health care business areas. Mr. Fernandez's technical competencies include technical architectures, business process analysis, business systems planning, systems' design, and project management. Rob's daily companion in his office is his three year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever whose registered name is "Kingsland's Chocolate ChipKelly GoDux.' No one on his staff understands why he would name his dog after the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mr. Fernandez holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lewis and Clark College and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

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