Our Senior Leadership

Robert Goodlett

Senior Manager Operations

Mr. Goodlett has over 10 years of professional experience. Prior to joining Carisbrook Technology Services, he spent several years working as a computer network administrator and then as an assistant office manager/computer network administrator in Howard University’s Office of Research Administration. Additionally, his work as a soccer instructor and coach taught him the patience and understanding that can transfer into many aspects of life, including in the workplace: knowing how to give your co-workers the tools to be successful and also the ability to discern when to use encouragement or disciplinary actions. His experience in retail sales has helped shape his verbal communication skills in a professional environment. Robert's personal interests include baking, and indoor/outdoor plant cultivation. Playing soccer and his interest in youth maturation in  sport lends to a genuine sense of fulfillment in aiding his co-workers’ development and growth and seeing them grow as contributors to their organization, families, and communities.

Mr. Goodlett holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Howard University’s School of Business.

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