Services for Small & Medium Sized Practices

Technical Help Desk Support

Carisbrook can be your one stop for all things technical. We are your easy button. Our staff is trained to diagnose and repair your technology infrastructure. Whether it is your clinical management software (CMS), workstation or server hardware, networking, or an environmental issue, we will relieve you of the burden of managing the bits and bytes, so that you can focus on providing care to your patients. When it becomes necessary to interact with your technology partners and vendors, our associates will assume the role of your designee and advocate to resolve your technical issues as quickly as possible. More and more the line is being blurred between technology and medical equipment. Carisbrook has vast experience managing problem isolation and determination for medical devices that use a computer based platform.

Our staff is standing by from 7:00 AM Eastern until 8:00 PM Pacific time to assist you and your staff.

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